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Influence of the constant current drive and non-constant current drive on the LED Display


Effect of Display:

Because the light emitting diode(LED) basically belongs to current sensitive device and the decentrality of the positive voltage drop is high and related to the temperature; in order to ensure that the LED Display has perfect evenness of brightness, it is necessary to make it have constant working current which cannot be affected by temperature and other factors. Besides, when the temperature is changing, the driver IC can also be able to automatically regulate the output current to realize the color difference balancing temperature compensation.


Even if the current overload is of short time, it also can cause permanent damage to the LED; Adopting constant current drive circuit can prevent the widespread damage to the LED Display caused by the fault of current. Besides, the Super Large-scale Integration (SLSI) we adopt also has cascade time-delay switch characteristic which can prevent the LED from being damaged by the reverse spike voltage. The SLSI also has thermal protection function; when the temperature of any piece, it can be cut off automatically and the fault display can be seen in the control room.